Get the capital your startup needs to succeed.Equity Crowdfunding can get you there.

Raising capital as a startup can be challenging for today's entrepreneurs. Whether you're just beginning your venture,  searching for the right funding portal, or putting together crowdfunding for your business, Equity Crowdfunding can be your key to success when you work with Startup Portal.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding offers startup and private business owners the unique opportunity to raise capital from the crowd. Rather than being limited to VCs and private equity firms, startups get access to a wider range of investors, including their own customers. Those looking to invest in your business can provide funding both quickly and easily online.

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Startup Portal can guide you through the crowdfunding process, from researching platforms to submitting SEC-required financial reports to ensure you get the funding your startup needs to succeed.

Exploring Your FundingMethod Options

The Perfect Portal for Your Startup

Financial Statements Made Easy

Different funding methods cater more towards some businesses than others. different businesses. When you're looking to raise capital, we can help you explore your viable options for achieving your financial startup goals. 

Finding the right funding portal is vital to your startup's success. We take your business model into strong consideration when determining which avenue will help you achieve the highest level of success in funding your venture.

Each portal has requirements for startups looking to utilize their platform for crowdfunding. We help you draft and file the SEC-compliant financial paperwork required to receive seed money for your startup.

A Look at Recent Crowdfunding Equity Offerings 

In exchange for gaining equity in your company, broad groups of investors, as well as individuals, can provide you with the funding your startup needs to become established in your market.

Here are some of the current crowdfunding equity offerings:

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Startup Portal provides the professional financial statement services you need help position you to raise capital for your business and achieve the next level of success. 

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Is Equity CrowdfundingRight for Your Startup?

Considering your business model is an essential part of determining which method for raising capital will effectively provide you with the resources you need to make your dream a reality. Seeking financial business guidance can help you visualize your business's potential and choose the right crowdfunding method today that will secure your company for the future.

With seasoned experience as a former public company chief financial officer and CPA, I am able to guide startups and businesses through the decision making and financial reporting that is essential to success in crowdfunding efforts.

When it comes to being successful in raising capital for your startup through Equity Crowdfunding, the most important question to ask is whether the method will fit your business model in the long term.

We're here to help you find the answer.

- Rick Leimbach, Founder of Startup Portal

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